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Your joints want to move

Cycling, Yoga, Tennis and almost any sport or exercise can play a part in maintaining healthy bones and joints. ​ At Florida Joint Care Institute, we are proud to provide care following evidenced based treatment guidelines. When someone suffers from a joint ailment such as arthritis, it is recommended to engage a low impact exercise program. This helps to keep your joints limber and stable without contributing excessive impact to the joint surface.

Part of this may involve weight loss. As you take a step, the forces across the hip and knee joints are as much as triple your body weight. Squatting increases stresses in front of the knee five-fold. That means losing 10 pounds can decrease the forces seen by your lower extremity joints by 30 pounds! It’s an incredible return on your efforts with even small amounts of weight loss. ​ At Florida Joint Care Institute, we wish for you to be healthy and happy. We hope you can maintain a pain free and active lifestyle for many years to come.

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